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Alikay Baby Sapphire Cradle Cap and Baby Oil 4oz

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Alikay Naturals Baby Cradle Cap and Baby Oil is a quick relief for stubborn cradle cap. Soothe your baby and watch them struggle no more when you apply this calming remedy. This special blend of oils help to soften flakes and scales to help you gently remove debris from your baby’s scalp. The oil will also aid the reduction of hair loss.



Massage cradle cap baby oil into baby’s scalp and leave it on for 10-20 minutes to allow time to soften flakes before bath time. Use baby brush or fine tooth comb to gently remove flakes. Wash baby’s hair with Alikay Baby Shampoo while combing flakes from baby’s hair. Repeat every other day until cradle cap is gone



It can also be used as a gentle body oil for dry baby skin.

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Brand Alikay Naturals
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