Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Shampoo 300ml

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  • Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Shampoo offers rich hydration for medium to coarse hair textures.
  • A moisturizing & repairing shampoo
  • Helps gently cleanse while restoring damaged hair
  • Contains an exclusive Pro Oil Complex of macadamia & argan oils
  • Delivers moisture, strength & damage repair
  • Blended with avocado & hazelnut oils to provide anti-aging benefits
  • Loaded with Vitamins A, C & E for hydrating & replenishing properties
  • Leaves hair soft, smooth & healthy looking
  • Ideal for medium to coarse hair textures
  • Free of sulfates, gluten & parabens
    • Refreshing, oriental, and woody fragrance leaves you feeling cool and confident
    • Ideal for a variety of occasions
    • A fragrance that has been widely accepteble
    • It’s light, refreshing and can be applied often.
    • fragrance to make it last longer.
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    Brand Macadamia
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