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ORS Soy Hair Dress

ORS Soy Hair Dress

ORS Shea Butter Softening Lotion

ORS Shea Butter Softening Lotion

ORS Smooth-N-Hold Pudding

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Olive Oil Smooth-N-Hold Pudding is a lightweight, non-sticky pudding is alcohol free and gives a smooth soft hold, perfect for ponytails and straight styles, while adding shine. It has the perfect blend of botanicals that moisturize, shine, and hold the hair.
- Olive Oil adds moisture to the hair
- Coconut Oil aids in moisture to hair
- Contains no alcohol
- Does not harden the hair
- Does not allow the hair to become dry and brittle

1. Massage into palm of hands.
2. Apply to the hair and brush for even distribution.
3. Style hair as usual.

- Olive Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, it infuses moisture directly into the cuticle.
- Coconut Oil: readily absorbed into the hair due to its small molecular structure offering amazing hydration, which helps to reduce frizz and add shine.

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